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About Us

We work tirelessly in order to offer you year round quality vegetables in addition to other food related products. Reliability is the key and our suppliers have been chosen carefully over the years.

The different farmers and producers we work with allows us to have a wide portfolio of products, their origin and quality is assured by diverse certification bodies (Global Gap, Bio, IFS, BRC, Biosuisse…).



Aequo is shaped by a group of international trade specialists, with experience in the industry and proficiency in different languages (English, French, Polish and Italian)

As a result of our work, some of our local partners have been able to duplicate their economic results and our customers have included new products to their portfolios and found the quality and price they are looking for.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


C/ Pablo Medina, 7 – Entreplanta
02005, Albacete.

Phone Number:

967 670 548
(+34) 607 155 768